A perfect level of design is reflected on this house which was manufactured and installed by Blueprint Construction Ltd

Kiosks (ancient big Ottoman Houses), Konaks (ancient mansions of Ottoman Nobles), Kasrs (ancient summer villas of the members of Ottoman royal family) and Palaces are typical and magnificent places, and samples of a traditional culture. These structures, we watch with amazement and admire today, are top quality samples of the traditional Turkish Architecture. It has a history over 500 years. We manufactured this magnificent palace from the scratch by copying 300 details of  25 different historical palaces all over the country.

These kind of houses haven’t not been built over 150 years.

We take pride in resurrection it over 150 years later.


The house, occupying a total indoor area of 19500 square feet, was built in the Ottaman-Barok style and it is considered as one of the most important projects in terms of Global Mansion Architecture. We have completed manufacturing and installation of exterior of the mansion and also producing and installing doors, windows, balconies, fringes, ceilings (all outside carpentry works) between 06.1994 – 03.1997.



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